Tips, Tricks & survival for us all!

Hello cyber world! I’m new here AND to online social media. I’ve been hiding from the WWW…my story is loooooong so my profile if you can survive reading says it all & I congratulate you if you get to end! In short I had a birth defect of a cleft palate with skeletal hard palate opening front to back that is un-repairable, my soft palate has been repaired 3 times last w/Gortex & thin. I have had 10+ major surgeries mostly on my jaw upper & lower. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia for 15 years, Tinnius for 20yrs-ringing in my ears and since in last year both my jaw joints have become dislocated. Swelling in my joints psoriatric arthritis for 20+ years & for me my soft palate gives me spasms to talk, swallow, eat & I’m loosing my hearing this last year since arthritis deteriorating my joints to a sharp point pushing on my eustachian ear tubes, basically the “Locust” are always coming!! Run! Now I need prostethics on both sides for any relief but hey, no biggie at least a possibility of relief is out their, I’m not the only one in pain! (Or bionic huh?) So yup, I’m saying hello & thought I see lots of topics but is their one with just tips, n tricks & everything else we do to survive? Whatchya think? I’ve had a lot going on my whole life in this department & always wanted to help when I was better, well think I’m going to have to start where I’m at. So ideas for surgery (emergency) pre/post or in-between or after when getting back to life?!? I know I have learned a lot and kills me not to share OR learn from others. Us being different & unique is awesome because we do & see things different we can together be healthier & happier, dontchya think?..SO does anyone want something yummy to eat & easy to make idea? It isn’t good for those cold teeth/mouth sensitivity issues but otherwise is a lifesaver & kinda healthy. It is a Berry ©Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Pie! It is made with cool whip, any takers? Just one of a thousand things that keep me sane because being hungry shouldn’t cause a “panic attack or hunger strike” because we all know what pain may follow & uh we should not suffer more then we do! So if interested let me know…and maybe we can share some things we do those little big things that work for us & maybe took us years to figure out & couldn’t live without now? Hmm? Thank you for your time and may we always “Strive to THRIVE and not just Survive!” My best to you and yours, -Charlotte


Hi There
Sounds like a yummy recipe.just trying to make grape juice from grapes in my juicer.Stupid thing just started jumping all over the table.
I guess I need to squish the grapes first.
Having nectarine juice now.More like a smoothy.
But messy,messy kitchen.
I’ll be interested in the recipe.make it for the next family gathering.

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Hi their & thanks for hello. Fresh grape juice I’ve never made that 1 before! I’m going to measure what I use as recipe is way & flexible. You can substitute frozen fruit types for your own favorites or use fresh fruit, canned or even put filling! I’m going to measure recipe to post more accurately & smaller amounts, as I make 1 large pie & 1 small one but this makes 3 regular pies easy. So here is the basics as a teaser:

*1 large Cool Whip (or 2 reg tubs) more makes creamier & more or thicker pies, doesn’t hurt to add more & tastes even better!

*2-3 cups frozen strawberries (better when let thaw & slice/squish the juice to sweeten the pies) can add more if you want.

*1 cup mixed berries (this is optional but rasberries give good sweetness & flavor as does blueberry’s +&

*3 tablespoons powdered sugar
If strawberries are “no sugar added” it does taste better but if sensitive to sugar you can leave out it will be good just not as sweet.

*2-3 cups non-fat yogurt (I get large tubs & use Greek Chobani, but use your favorite)

*1-2 cups Vanilla yogurt (I use Greek Chobani)

Mix all together, no order matters, pour into pie tins & freeze. Yes, it is that simple. Takes 2hrs to be ready, as some like it harder like a popsicle I let freeze hard & de-thaw to harder then Yogurt in fridge. It will freeze & re-freeze great again & again so no worries if sits out to long just put in freezer again.

****I make with Graham cracker crusts & w/vanilla Nilla wafers mixed in sometimes. Yoggi pie can be frozen/eaten w/out though. You can also can add yogurt chips, chocolate or white chocolate…or add on the top/side if you like. I can’t eat the chips so I add for others on side.

I make crusts separate and put in plastic container to add to the top. This makes easy so I can make a lot in advance & make yoggi pies whenever w/out baking crusts. I’ll edit recipe to be more exact & crusts instructions…Use other favorite yogurts & will be great also. This was a rescue for me w/my jaw pain & chewing issues as you can puree this to syringe if having surgery recovery. It has become by accident a house favorite though! For me a yummy lifesaver and something I’m not scared to eat will cause pain unless cold sensitivities are flared. Enjoy & I’ll edit soon. Any questions let me know.

Does anyone have something they have done to get through their situation that looking back you wish you knew sooner? For me, plastic utensils and plastic cups are a small huge thing that changed mishaps making me Less afraid of unexpected pain just eating yogurt with a metal spoon. I know medicines are the obvious fixes but we all make changes in other ways I’d love to hear what gets you through your pain and day…

Ice packs. I can’t consume cold things so much any more but using a cold gel pack really helps me. It doesn’t really make sense that cold in my mouth is a problem but cold on my face is a help!

A lot of what we all go through doesn’t seem to make sense so I get you for sure! I have flair ups and constant pain in different ways from TN, jaw, arthritis, etc so never can tell when Ice helps or heat, topical CBD oil my doctor isn’t comfortable prescribing but I need to get just costs more. We all need food for energy & thankfully cold doesn’t bother me unless super frozen & these yoggi pies you can let thaw to yogurt in fridge but sounds like would not be comfy for you. I found Jimmy dean sausage I cook in patties is a life saver. Lots of protein, soft & doesn’t take s lot to eat to get some energy. I know not healthiest thing to eat but as little as I eat it works. Well I hope you have found things that work and have a great weekend.

Best of all to you

Welcome. Sorry you’re experiencing pain.

Thank you for the welcome & support. I’m not alone and just got to keep on keeping on… :slight_smile: