Tips for managing a flare up

I’m sure you’ve all been in the same position I am right now. Laying in bed in agonizing and relentless pain. Imagining simply having the effected side of your face removed. It wouldn’t be THAT bad, right? :confused: I’m looking for suggestions on what to do to make these days that are particularly painful a little more bearable. What has helped alleviate some of the pain? What hasn’t?
Thank you!

I have a lidocaine patch on now. It helps a little bit. Sometimes ice helps also. Good luck.

Hi Becca,

Sorry to hear you are/were having such a painful day.

I've been there too. Just about the only thing that helps me is doubling down on my pain medicine. Of course, you should not do that without the advice/approval of your doctor.

Also, that doesn't work immediately; it usually takes a few hours.

Wishing you relief,


My Doc said double up the tregretol and yes it takes 20 mins at least. I followup with with a couple of paracetamol for good measures then fall asleep. Next day, same day, get onto the phone to your doc to discuss what now.