I don’t know if anyone else suffers from this as a result of a TN attack, but ever since my bout with the dreaded TN, I have had this constant ‘white noise’ going on in my left ear (opposite side to my TN face as I call it). It drives me mad and I can only try and ignore it though that’s proving very difficult.

Hello Peter,

I’ve had Tinnitus for about 15 years, but it started long before the TN started. I have mine on both sides and seems to be just as loud on both sides (my Atypical TN is on both sides too, if that means anything). I sleep with a fan next to my bed and the noise from the fan drowns out the noise in my head. But sometimes (like you), it makes me barking mad!!!


Tinnitus on it's own can be fairly common, it's a sign that some hearing loss may have occured, although some people can have it with no appreciable hearing loss.

It is definitely something that you should investigate, and I would have thought that with TN as well, your docs should do some testing sooner rather than later. I've had tinnitus and hearing loss for over 30 years, but it took ages for any docs to do any tests , 6 years, simply because they passed it off as insignificant. I beleive that if I had been more assertive about wanting to be tested and they had taken it more seriously, then I would have had a better chance of a positve outcome for the later treatment I had for Meniere's disease.

Gloria makes a good point, having some noise in the background does help to distract attention from the tinnitus. There are even specialised devices called tinnitus maskers which may be helpful. I've heard of some people using sound pillows for night time use. I tend to keep a radio on all night, but that's an old habit from childhood.

My tinnitus is similar to yours, constant white or pink noise.

Wow. I am learning so much from this site. I went to an ear specialist about a year ago complaining of this very thing. He said my ear was fine. There are times when it is very hard to ignore. One of my triggers (I guess we will call it that) is "itchy inner ear".

Thank you for sharing. It really does help.

Same thing for me. TN on both sides but I have a dominant side. The "noise" is on the opposite side. I hear my heart beat the same way you hear the baby't heart-beat when you are pregnant. It's a swooshing sound. Maybe related to TN???

Saw an ear specialist when I was around 27-28 years old and he told me it was from "AGING". Yes - aging when I wasn't even 30 years old. I have been checked and there is NO hearing loss.

Very annoying. Will be discussing at at upcoming Neuro appt.


My apologies for getting the word ‘Tinnitus’ wrong, for some reason I thought it was ‘Tintinitus’. Like Elaine I can hear my pulse very clearly on certain occasions inside my head. It’s throbs a bit like a heart beat and then it fades when I begin to meditate, something else I am trying out. The other thing I’ve noticed since my first TN episode, are these little floaters in my right eye. I keep thinking a fly or something has just flown past, very peculiar.

Peter Yes I had fullness in my ear Buzzing in ear also along withVertigo and dizzines. I’ve had numerous Doctor’s look at it they said they see nothing. Some time’s I feel sweeling in ear’s both side’s more on the right side.Mine Is getting some what better use to be a lot worse. Still have presure fullness when my facial pain is strong. Hope your’s get’s better the dizzines and vertigo was horrible . Allthough I have no hearing lostPrayer’s Sent Shirley

Hi, I get a kind of tinnitus, but it is not there all the time that i can tell, don’t know if that is the usual thing or not, it puzzles me :frowning: but sometimes its a pulsing sound, high in pitch or other times like a silencing thing like the hearing has just dimmed like a light switch being turned off! its’ really weird! sometimes i’ve had dizziness happen too, but i find that happens when my tegretol dosage is too high. ~ Anne.