Tinnitus/ Muffled Hearing Hearing lost

Can anyone share me what type of sound you hear when you have tinnitus/Muffled Hearing And when you have it do you have it in your MVD surgery side or other and also can you hear out of it So worried my hearing won’t come back it is over two weeks now

as far as I understand it I believe the symptoms for tinnitus can be quite broad. I’ve had pretty severe tinnitus for many years 24 seven. I struggle to try to figure out how I could possibly describe the sound to anybody. Although I hear it quite clearly all the time I don’t think I can tell you what it sounds like. All I know is that, weather and other things considering, the tinnitus I have is either barely noticeable or is quite annoying.

I have tinnitus since 3 decades. And since 13 years it became worse with TNA . My tinnitus sounds like metallic sound in sharp metal cutting high pitch sound. THE BEST THING TO COPE WITH TINNITUS IS IGNORE IT. B’CAZ IT’S NOT PAINFUL LIKE TN .

It’s my personal opinion and thought. I know tinnitus is very irritating and never ever stop. Please don’t fight with it .accept it.
Weather, specially cloudy, wet and humid weather increases my tinnitus .