Tinnitus and Atn

How many of you that have TN or ATN also have tinnitus?

Me and sometimes it's so LOUD I can't think. Drives me nuts. It's normally before my left ear completely closes up and always happens when the weather changes. Rain, low dark clouds, drop in temp, or cold air blowing on my face. I also get facial zaps and pulls. Do you get the facial zaps and pulls?

My T is constant. I do not get zaps and pulls, I do however have aching pain and in all of the TN areas and also burning pain at times in my ears. I don’t get this shock zap stuff everyone else talks about, just the pains described. I get tooth ache like pain the most recently. However my neuro says you don’t have to have shocks or zaps to have ATN. Idk. I’m at the point of trying narcotics. I’ve tried almost all the AED’s and Nortript. The only thing that has ever helped is Klonopin, but that’s no longer doing what it used to. Neuro tried to raise dose and it got worse. Maybe I didn’t titrate up slow enough. Might try that again too. I’ve seen every kind of Dr. known to mankind.