Tingling Sensation around temple while brushing teeth?

I’m on Tregretrol XR. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been having mild mild pain for the half a second while brushing my teeth, eating, talking a few times a day. Nothing at all like the onstep pain that made scream and roll of the floor in tears! I’m so afraid that the pain is coming back, I haven’t really been eating although it’s not painful just yet, I can feel “something”. Today when I brushed my teeth I had a strong tingling sensation in my temple. Has anyone experience this?

Sometimes I have little pains -- not full blown but definitely something. I just talk myself through it because I think that's all I can do. I can't take anything more than I'm taking (amitriptyline). I had gamma knife surgery on 3/3. Yesterday might have been a bad pain day, but my son called me from school with an allergic reaction to something, so I got to go home and rest all afternoon. Otherwise, I think I might have had a bad day. The "pain" I had felt very subdued -- almost numb. It was the first time it had felt like that since the gamma knife.

Pain experienced with a possible mechanical trigger especially when associated with backward bending of the neck which often happens with teeth cleaning I would question whether neck dysfunction had anything to do with it; due to any number of causes.

When my TN started, the strongest of the sensations was around my right temple. Even when I had any relief from either Trigeminal blocks or microvascular decompression surgeries, the pain in my temple area NEVER went away. Until this day, that area has remained sensitive to touch and is just painful, period. Granted, during periods of relief, the pain is tolerable, but when I am slipping back into a periods in which my TN is uncontrollable, that pain is totally unmanageable, as it is now. As I am typing, my face is in pain and that area is throbbing. Tomorrow, I am going to have another MRI and radiation planning to prepare for Cyber Knife surgery next week. My surgeon has already informed me that since sensory nerves do not respond like other nerves in the body, this is the reason that even the Cyber Knife surgery/procedure may not necessarily be 100% effective. I did not know that I would have to take meds for 6 months afterwards either. I only took meds for about 2-3 months after both of my MVD procedures and was weaned off of them within that time period. I am really hoping this will take care of the problem once and for all. Of all the pain, I think the pain in my temple has been the most aggravating. Maybe not the most pain that I have experienced, but definitely the most aggravating because I can't seem to get rid of it!