Time to rethink my gabapentin (ATN)

I have taken the highest therapeutic dose of gaba for a couple of weeks now. This past week has been just miserable. I feel like someone is sticking tweezers up the left side of my nose, trying to pluck out my eyeball from the inside. Not to mention the random needle-sharp pokes in the ear and teeth. The one thing the gaba really had going for it was it initially at least took care of the worst most maddening aspect of my ATN; the horrendous, weird pressu re/freezing/burning /stabbing in my nose, which was even more intolerable than the boring pain in my eye…well, its baaack.
so I have to face the fact that its clearly time to either try a new med or add one. I can’t take Tegretol. I don’t want to try a Lyrica or Cymbalta, at least not yet. Baclofen? Trileptal? Im so disappointed, I had such high hopes that the gabapentin by itself would work. And the side effects have been minimal, with I am finding out is rare… sigh.
I have an appt with my neuro (such as she is, lol) next Tuesday and would like to get ATN/type II folks’ input and thoughts so I can formulate some kind of plan.
thanks! Hope you are as pain free as possible today! S

You can go to "groups" tab above and join ATN group --- you might find answers there too

I have type I -- but forming a plan - is the best thing --- I tell my neuro I want a/b/c but not D!

The doctor can be hired or fired if you are not feeling that you can work with them

I changed PCPs a few years ago because I was soooo tired of being treated like a lesser-than ..... that was before TN!

Hi serena. you might want to check the facial pain section Part 8. It lists some of the meds you might want to learn about.

I agree with your feelings about your Doctor. It's helps to be firm yet polite. Learn as much as you can before you see your doctor. It's amazing when one jumps the barrier of doctor talk and understand their language. Knowledge is power and always remember what kc said." The doctor can be hired or fired if you are not feeling that you can work with them."

See if thee following helps your client/doctor relationship.