Time Slicing: Surviving with Division and Denial

Most people divide their lives into
Years, months, days, hours.
Yes, that works but I go farther.
Minutes and seconds are where I live,
and within the seconds,
Like film speeding by, there are many frames to choose from
Not all are scratched with the same levels of pain
I choose to focus on the frames that are calm and peaceful when I can find them however brief
I live in those good frames and deny and forget the rest
Dividing my life into milliseconds, subtracting out the bad ones, focusing on the good
I get by, however fragmented
Skipping like stone over a lake of fire
I glide

Cutting through the hours,

counting orally administered drops of freedom

to smile, laugh and care

tiny ingested drops, cutting through my veil of pain

to see the loves around me

four bursts a day

for what is mine

dependent, to reclaim

Dear Carl & Stef,

Thank you for both of your posts/ comments. It's very encouraging.