Living With Facial Pain

Thyroid gland and neuropathic facial pain



I sympathize as a result of your pain history, not nice.

You state TN from a mechanical trauma, a fall, have you ever considered a mechanical cause for your TN, your bio doesn’t state you have.

Dr Casey stated some 30% ish, think it was more, experience increased
symptoms with neck rotation.

Hypothyroidism can cause peripheral neuropathy, more so in a confined space where nerve space/release might be troublesome, e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome.

Some evidence to say anticonvulsants can cause/ exacerbate thyroid trouble carbamezapine.

Just because you have been told because you have a condition doesn’t mean it is the cause of your symptoms. You might have exacerbation of an underlying neck condition such as osteoarthritis, but worth exploring before you throw the towel in.


I now have been diagnosed with Sjogren’s disease so I can’t salivate or cry with tears. I take Pilocarpine to help salivate, but the burning of my lip never goes away unless I am sleeping. I have tried almost every therapy possible. My blood work came back positive for antibodies for Hashimoto’s and negative for Sjogren’s. Two lip biopsies showed changes consistent with Sjogren’s. Sorry so very late, but not feeling well at all. Blessings, barbiedollstars