Thinking Outside The Box with A-typical TN or Trigeminal Nuropathic Pain

Hi I am new to the forum but my wife is almost 2 years into TN or A-typical Facial Pain/Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain with little improvement using the standard first line treatments. I was wondering if anyone with more of the A-typical TN /neuropathic facial pain - has stepped outside the box of the normal treatment routes Ie.. medications - MVD - Gamma Knife or Rhyzotomy? We have been doing quite a bit of research and finding doctors including oral and maxilloacial pain surgeons as well as plastic/facial reconstruction surgeons who may be able to perform various types of nerve surgeries to repair specific nerves such as the inferior and superior alveolar nerves. Just wondering if anyone has gone this route to treat their pain?

Hi Gregooch,

Sorry to hear about your wife. We are always looking for a permanent cure or more improvement. I have had ATN or neuropathic for 3 years now and I just wanted to share that my doctor has warned me to avoid more facial surgeries as it can make it worse and have little improvement. My ATN ocurred after my maxillofacial surgery. I had one of the most well known surgeons and surgery went perfectly well so its my bad luck. Anyway just keep in mind to be careful and talk to the surgeons about whether such surgeries can affect the TN at all or make it worse. Good Luck!

thanks for your reply. sorry to hear you have had this for three years. we are also considering other options including trigger point injections, steroid injections, and ganglion nerve block; not sure which is the best option that will have the least risk or side effects but trigger point injections sound like a good possibility.

Hi I'm currently on a botox trial and so far its not cured, but has certainly alleviated the pain levels I'm allergic to most things so this was thought to be a possible alternative. May be worth a go. Still on the meds, so its in conjunction with your ongoing meds. Regards, :)

Just curious do you have TN 1 or a different form? My wife has traumatic trigeminal nerve pain - more dental related - she's been wearing a neuro sensory stent with topical medication and slowly reducing her pill form medicines. Also thinking about a trigger point injection w/anesthtic and or steroid to reduce pain?

Hi Greg
So did you find the magic potion?
If so,please share.
I hope your wife is doing well.