Thinking about a nerve block

I am considering a nerve block for pain management. Hast anyone on here had one of these done? Is it effected? I have been put on carbamazepine and topamax and gapapentin. I am as usual having no relief like I had before I had my MVD surgery done. I am considering this to be done cuz I am at my whits end with the pain and I do not want to take the pills that do nothing for me does not make sense to me at all. I would really like some feedback please to help me decide if this should be a route I could be considering.

I had a failed MVD in May 2013 and my surgeon recommended a nerve block injection a few months post surgery to see if that would help. It actually made my pain worse for a time. I don't regret trying it or even trying the surgery even though neither brought any improvement in my pain because at least I know I tried. I am back on meds again too and am struggling with the side effects which were the whole point of trying the surgery in the first place. I'm sorry you are having the same experience. I started having really bad panic attacks after my surgery because I felt like there was no hope and my doctor recently prescribed anti-anxiety medication which is oddly having much more of an effect on my pain than the anti-convulsants or narcotics. I don't know if you have any anxiety issues but maybe that is something that might help you. Feel free to message me back if you have anymore questions about the injection or anything else!

I had one 2 months ago. I had pain the first 5 days after but have been pain free since. I’ve even gone off of one of my medicines. I say worth the try!

Mine helped only a couple of days.

Since medications failed for me, I had a nerve block in July. Unfortunately after the numbing wore off I was I more pain than before. Since July I have had 2 radiofrequency lessions. Sad to say did not help. The 25th I go back to the Dr. I am thinking to request MVD.

To hope seeker,

i was wondering what anti-anxiety meds they put you on. I am on Paxil and it doesn't seem to help. I don't know if it because it is a low dose, or if maybe it's the wrong med for me??? Thanks....Jodi


I underwent a nerve block in 2010 and it only helped for a month. After the month, the pain came back full force. Also, I had complication from the block and after being in the hospital twice and many phone calls with the pain fellow who did the surgery, he finally called and admitted something went wrong and they caused never damage. I went to another teaching hospital and was diagnosed with permanent left sided headaches secondary to optic nerve damage. Last summer, I went to one of the leading experts in TN and he told me that he doesn’t recommend blocks as there isn’t any evidence to show they are effective. He said if you are going to do something for TN, you need to go something with evidence showing it’s going to help.

I hope you are going to find something to help with the pain