Think I'm having another TN attack

I first had TN in 2010, then in 2015 - both attacks were on the left side of my face. However, tonight it seems to have developed on the right side. At least I’m pretty sure it’s TN. A few days ago it felt like a tooth infection was brewing in a bad tooth that needs to be pulled. Then yesterday it felt like a sinus infection was the culprit. Today the pain got so bad that I took Ibuprofen and tylenol with sinus medication and it did NOT help the pain at all and infact, the pain started changing. The temporal area is very tender and when the pain peaks, it radiates down into the right side of my face, mostly affecting the palate, teeth, gums and right side of tongue and cheek. I can feel the prickly sensation as the pain worsens over my face. The pain would come on like a wave, with a concentration in the mouth(palate, all teeth top and bottom, tongue), it was so bad I was crying and screaming in pain during the peak of the attacks. There’s still a part of me that thinks the tooth is the cause for the reason, since nerves exit to the root from the T nerve. I ended up going to urgent care because if this is TN than I knew I needed gapapentin asap. Doctor agreed with me that it sounds like TN and gave me a month’s supply of Gaba and antiobiotics for the tooth just in case there is an infection.

Has anyone had tooth infections in an upper molar that resulted in a TN attack? I’ve had tooth pain in this tooth before, but not like this.

Standard disclaimer: I’m not a doctor >>grin<<

It’s my understanding that having TN on both sides is incredibly rare. If you’re sure TN was on the left side before I would say investigate tooth problems on the right side first, particularly an abscess getting started. Of course there’s also possible sinus cyst or bone infection, too. Start with the obvious and work backwards to TN as TN is rare enough on its own on one side, not to mention two sides. Dental problems can definitely fire up those nerves but it should resolve as the dental issues do. Good luck!

I has TN on the right side in 2007 and the left side started in 2016 that has not abated despite 2 radiation treatment procedures. After my first radiation treatment I called my dentist because I thought I had a toothache. When they went in to put a crown in they discovered my molar was broken in 3 places and had a abscess underneath. I have no idea how long I had this since my jaw hurt all the time and my teeth. They ended up having to dig that thing out in pieces which made me cry for four months because of the underlying TN. Yes I would go to the dentist to see if there is anything there. My thoughts and prayers are with you.