There is a light on at midnight

There is a light on at midnight

Above is the link to my latest blog post regarding my Trigeminal Neuralgia and Chronic Migraines. If you are interested in my entire journey trying to get Motor Cortex Stimulation Surgery, here is the main link to my Blog (feel free to share):

LeeLeeBot: Adventures in Cyborg/Brain Surgery

There is an About me pages, but briefly:

I'm just a 31 year old woman happily strolling through life with amazing family, friends, and a cat. My blog was supposed to document my adventure getting motor cortex stimulation surgery for my extraordinarily painful condition of 8+ years: trigeminal neuralgia. However, as the insurance rejections piled up, it has evolved into a blog focusing on life with trigeminal neuralgia and chronic migraines.

Positive and hopeful comments welcome!