The pain med pump

A pain management doctor who only gives epidurals for areas of pain,and does not give pain medications sent me to another pain specialist. ( Talk about a run-on sentence) Anyway, I get so tired of doctors so afraid to give pain meds to people in pain. I know there are so many abusers out there that have made it so hard for the true sufferers of pain. But I will be 70 on the 28th of July. Back to subject. This pain specialist gave me all of 2 minutes of his precious time to tell me that I did not appear to have the amount of pain needed for the pump. Guess he had a hidden "pain-o-meter" in his office. I went away discouraged once again. Thank God ( literally) for my PCP who will give me a pain med. I take xanax, Ambien and Hydrocodone ( Loratab). Have been on these three drugs for 4 plus years since the dental surgery. I am afraid that one day my insurance company is going to listen to all these nay sayers about pain meds and deny my claims. My neurologist will not prescribe pain meds. It is hard for me because all the seizure meds make me dizzy, sleepy or hyper. My husband has MS so I have to be able to care for him. Anyway, I am venting again. Does anyone know of a doctor in OKC that will talk with me about the pain pump?

Janis Wilton

Why in the world won’t your neurologist give you pain meds? Errrr…if they only knew.

i cant imagine trying to endure this without pain medications. i did for a while but it was no where near at its worst when I didnt have medication. Have you discussed your issues with your nueologist not giving pain medications. maybe your doctor will know of one that is willing to give pain meds when needed. Mine just referred me to a pain management doctor and specifically selected one that is willing to give medications.

I have never been on the pain pump but I have been on Fentanyl patches since November and they have been a life saver. They have several different sizes and it is time released. I change them out every 3 days. I made the mistake of asking the doctor for a lower dose and have suffered since but typically when on the right sized patch I seldomly had to take hydrocodone for breakthrough pain. The patches are verrrrrry strong and usually used for cancer patients when nothing else helps. they are like 80 times stronger than morphine so a downfall is i havent driven since December. Mind you they are not without side affects but given the choice of the side effects or pain it is a no brainer for me. I am so fortunate that i am on long term disability and havent had to work since december for that I am sooo grateful. It is so difficult to deal with this and work too. I did it longer than I should have but my neurologist refused to fill out any FMLA paperwork for the condition. God I love my family Doctor :slight_smile: he took care of it for me.

If your doctor wont give medicine you need find another doctor because they obviously dont understand the level of pain you are in. See what your pcp has to say. If they only had to live 1 day with this ailment then they would understand. heck they probably wouldnt last an hour before they were taking what you are asking for. I am in the process of trying to find a new neurologist now myself.

Hi Janis,
My birthday is on the 28th also. I saw a new neurologist yesterday because my old neuro closed his practice. The new one was reluctant to give me tylenol 3 which I have been on for about a yr and a half. He wanted to increase trileptal. But the pain center doctor wanted to give me more tylenol 3 and less trileptal. Anyway I talked the new neuro into giving me my same meds. And I didn’t really like the new neuro. But I’m wondering if I go to another one, will that one agree with my same meds? I hate to make a change since my pain is manageable for the most part. It is difficult for us real pain sufferers when there are so many who do abuse. Does your husband see one of the neuros you see?

Hi Liz:
Another Leo! My husband goes to a Neurologist that specializes in MS. I wish that I could start a campaign on behalf of people that really need pain meds and don’t get them. I have been to so many doctors that are so unfeeling and just downright rude. Trileptal did not help me in any way. I really think doctors are afraid to prescrib because they may lose their license. Don’t know for sure but that’s the way I feel. Anyway, thanks for writing.

Hi Vickie: I have been offered the patch as you have mentioned. It made me loopy. I just could not tolerate it. Made me soooooo sleepy. Also, I have to take care of my husband. Thanks for writing.

I want to change neurologists. I had an appt with the new one on Wed but I didn’t care for him. He finally agreed to prescribing the medicine I was on but was reluctant. I thought about going to another one but MS is his primary focus. So he may be the same and not want to give me same medicine. Your experience makes me wonder what I should do.