The 'new look' carbamazepine

I have been taking carbamazepine for more than 11 years, sometimes supplemented with gabapentin. When I picked up my latest prescription, a note was attached to the effect that 'This is your same medication, but just a different appearance." For years, carbamazepine (200mg) was a round, white tablet with a scoring mark. The new look carbamazepine is an oblong pink tablet with the number 268 on it and a scoring mark. Has anyone tried this new look carbamazepine? My pharmacy is CVS, and I'm wondering how widespread the distribution of this new pink tablet is. I swear it is not as effective for me as the old white tabs, but I do not know enough about the manufacturer of the new tab - having difficulty finding information at this point. Thanks.

I’ve been taking 300 mg extended release carbamazepine for many years. There appear to be different brands of generics. Sometimes the capsules are green, sometimes blue/green, sometimes purple. As far as I know, it is all the same chemical. I’ve never noticed any difference.

I take gabrapentin 3 x a day but that is not enough so I suppliment with fiorcette as needed. Currently on tramodol unt script is filled. The gabrapentin cap is yellow from cvs