The most beautiful 15 minutes

When I wake up, I have the most beautiful 10 to 20 minutes where I am pain free. I often wonder if my nerve is sill sleeping. It is the only time I am totally pain free. It only happens in the morning. I can almost remember what it was like before. If I hustle, I can shower, wash my face, and brush my teeth without crying.
I was curious, is anyone else blessed with these precious moments?

I can relate...I also experience maybe 5 minutes in the morning when I'm pain-free. I suppose I'm also pain-free during sleep because pain does not wake me up (I'm lucky in this respect!). Like you, I wonder if my nerve is sleeping during those moments.

I remember those moments. Waking up and not wanting to move because I knew the moment I did it would start. I would lay very still and enjoy those moments too. I am responding to treatment somewhat and have more pain free moments than pain so I can enjoy that more. I remember though …

YES! Best part of my day. Gives me hope too. That somehow, someday that part of the day will just keep getting longer :)