The difference between TN and carotidynia

Does anybody knows how to tell the difference between TN and carotidynia? I don't know because the symptoms are very similar. I have intense pain mainly in my right jaw and ear and face. the pain is more like stabbing and not shocking. It seems like it radiates from underneath my ear. also noticed some triggering causes like chewing even talking or sitting and lying down. Crazy! First my neurologist said its carotidynia , put me on a 3 -4 weeks of prednisone which worked beautifully,but soon I was done with the meds the pain started again. I would like to know how is TN starts in the very beginning? Mild and bearable, or your very first episode is shocking and excruciating?

Hi Cocogirlyke,
I don’t know much about carotidynia, but what I CAN tell you is that TN doesn’t respond to steroids or anti-inflammatory medications usually… it responds primarily to anti-convulsants and anti-depressants.
Do you have any unilateral neck pain on the same side of ear, face pain?
Have you had further testing to see if there is inflammation in your neck?
Everyone’s TN starts differently. My first attack was a lightening shock of severe pain under my right eye.
I’m not a doctor, I’ve posted some links for you…

(( hugs )) Mimi