The beast is not being nice

My TN is getting progressively worse. What medications did you find were the most helpful? Are there any new medicines out there?

Hi Anna,

I’m having a rough spell too. Rotten isn’t it.

I found Tegretol very useful at first. I’m now taking 1200mg a day and dare I say things are a teeny bit better. I have my first Neuro appointment next week and hope they can suggest something that will give more relief.

Hope you get some relief soon,

Kind Regards,

Jo X x

when I first was diagnosed the doctor prescribed me 100mg chewable tablets and told me to take 3 a day and up the dosage to 6 a day if that didnt help…a few days later it was upped to 9 a day… 2 weeks later to 12 a day (1200mg)…2 weeks later he told me that it was safe for me to take up to 2100mg a day as needed for pain and thats what I have done…if Im not hurting at all I just take take 2 a day (200mg) on bad days I take 6 at once to start with then 5 every 6 hrs after that til the attack stops…what kinda sucks is that I think people build immunities to the medication the more you take them so they help me less and less its more of just a mental help now I think lol

I am taking Neurontin 900mg 3 times a day, but I am allergic to most other medicines that can help. I was wondering what new medications are our there that can help. I am allergic to Tegretol, Baclofen, Trileptal, and much more. Help, I am getting a MVD for my left side in June, but I still have two spots on my right side that were not addressed by my right sided MVD so I will need medication to help that. Neurontin helps some but not enough. I am caught between a rock and a hard place with little choices.

Thanks for your input! What is the anti-inflamatory diet, and where can I find it? I am hoping the surgery will help the left side and that I can somehow get the leftover right side pain under good control. I already have a very limited diet because of allergies but I am willing to look into anything that might help my pain. Do you get input from a wholistic doctor to guide you in your treatment? Where did you get your information about what can aggrivate and help relieve you pain?