Living With Facial Pain


I know there is a lot of conversation about pot, both pro and con. so i can not tell you that this might work for you.We waited a long time for our state to accept marijuana as a a legal medical option and of course I wanted to try it. For me it does not relieve the pain entirely but it seems to take my mind to another place which is a big help.


Hey Venicomb,
I’m in Australia and although we have nowhere near the legal availability that you have, there are avenues for legal access via a specialised government program/trials, which I am presently going through to gain legal access. In saying that, there is of course the non-legal access routes which I have accessed previously.
I am in total agreeance with you in that the relief from pain, as such, has been minimal but the diversion of the mind has been a MASSIVE plus. Just to be able to switch off to the pain and the incessant thoughts that come along with it has been an enormous help.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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Hi, Venicom…I didnt have much luck with the pain management either but you’re right, I chilled me out enough where I could live with it…that helped a lot! I found that, after a lot of research, I needed to used higher levels of THC if I wanted to touch the pain and I just couldn’t handle the baggage that came with it…hunger, anxiety, paranoia etc but just taking the highest strength cbd oil was great for relaxing me and taking away the anxiety.

Hi Venicomb,
I am having the same experience as you are. The pain remains the same but I am able to put it in that other place. TN pain is like no other. I will continue to use marijuana for what it does for me.

Hi all,
I am from Washington state. They used to have medical and recreation separate and they had and maybe still do have medical marijuana consultants. They would take a history of you and recommend a strain of combo of strains to suit you needs. There are so many strains it can be hard to choose what will work best for you. They can work differently on different people. Unfortunately I am allergenic so I cant use it. I know alot of people that have been helped include ones with fibromyalgia and lupus, bad backs and cancer plus others, There is alot of options on how to ingest it and soon there will be inhalers here. amazing stuff. good luck

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