Thanks You T-Shirts for Docs & Nurses?

i was talking (through the Internets) to Sarah and she was saying how she gave her doc a shout out to the doc’s boss. I think that’s great. Most docs work so hard and try their hardest.

Wondering if people would be interested in some type of “LivingTN Thanks the Docs/Nurses” type of t-shirt. this is just an idea. It could prove to be a logistical nightmare.

I bet we could find a site like Custom Ink or Threadless or something like that where a simple design could be uploaded. You would buy it from that site and give to your doc or nurse if you want. (this would all be voluntary). I think it should be sold at cost to make it as affordable as possible.

If people are interested, maybe someone could volunteer to manage the process? hint hint. :slight_smile:

My feelings won’t be hurt if it’s too aggressive.



That’s a good idea. I’d like to thank my neurosurgeon somehow.

I think this is a great idea Maeve. Loved ones and also humerous ones are great ideas.

I’ll leave the design up to you. It would be cool to have the LTN logo in it, big or small, cause that might remind a doctor or nurse to tell a newly diagnosed patient about LTN. that’s a nice side benefit of the shirt, button, whatever.

When I originally thought of the idea I was just thinking, “Thanks from everyone at LivingWithTN” or something like that. However, i’m not very creative. And if there is one thing LTN has taught me, it’s that there is an amazing amount of creativity and fire here. :slight_smile:

Whatever you think is cool, go for it.


I like your design a lot. This is your community. Scott and I are here to just here to facilitate, so let us know what you would like and we will make it happen. :slight_smile:

I think the idea is great. Something to let your doctor know you appreciate their help would be very well-received.

I commented in your Pictures section Maeve. thanks for the hard work.