Living With Facial Pain

Tenth TNA FacialPain Conference in New York Oct 10-11 2015


I have signed up to go to this conference but am looking for any information from anyone who has attended one of these conferences and what to expect. I will be going by myself from Chicago so any advice or offers to get together for coffee or something while there would be great. I have high hops for the conference but feel like O'm going there totally unprepared.




The Conferences normally distribute a list of the talks to be given and the conference schedule. Participants are also listed. If you can take the time, I'd look up some of the participants at the National Library of Medicine (Pubmed) and see what subjects appear in papers they've published. Then be guided by what you see.

If you have the chance, I would certainly recommend that you attend any session where Ken Casey is to speak. He's both very knowledgeable and very gracious in talking with patients. Also of interest will be any session where Dr. John Tew speaks (assuming he's at the conference). Like Ken, he is a long-time colleague of Peter Janetta and extremely knowledgeable. If you have a link to the conference agenda, send it along. I'll be happy to make further suggestions.

Regards. Red


Thanks for the information, the agenda is suppose to be sent out within the next few weeks. I'm wondering how many doctors/researchers and "patients" attend. If you have gone before if you could give me any additional pointers on how to affectedly use my time it would be greatly appreciated.


I haven't been to one of the national conferences in over ten years. So things may have changed. In the early 2000's we generally saw three to four hundred patients and possibly 50 or more medical professionals from various specialties. I' never met a researcher at the conferences, though I suppose it's possible there will be a few, considering the efforts of the Facial Pain Foundation to raise money. In a 2 and 1/2-day conference, there might be 30+ sessions and seminars.

Regards, Red


I have been to two other conferences and plan on attending this one as well. The sessions can range from offering very general and basic information on facial pain to breakout sessions allowing you to ask specific questions about your specific situation. I have always found the doctors to be very gracious and generous with their time. It was also invaluable to spend time with the other patients and their caregivers (my spouse also attends). The shared pains, insights and coping mechanisms are wonderful to share.



Here’s a link to the page that lists the presenters for the conference this year!
I would love to attend, really looked into it, however the cost of accommodation in New York is outrageous!