Living With Facial Pain

TENS for TN?

My therapist uses a TENS machine for my aching neck pain and I asked if he could place 1 electrode on my cheek where my severe pain is and he refused. Why can't the TENS be used to relieve cheek and facial pain?

I saw a neurosurgeon who refused anything surgical but he himself brought up using a tens unit on the face. I asked him if it was safe and he said yes. I tried for a week with a little one I had at home. Couldn’t tell if it was helping or making things worse so I just gave up and stopped. As you know everybody is different though

I also own a small TENS unit at home. I will search around for it & use it on my face for TN. Maybe it will help?

Yes possible it could. His theory was to try it because it’s very similar to a procedure they do ( a newer rare one) where they actually implant tens type of electrodes under the skin along the nerve. It’s permant under your skin like I said. It’s referred to as PNS ( the device) try it out . Let me know if it helps you . Beware from my experience… Don’t put the setting up high, keep it low. Best of luck