Hi, I am new to the forum. I started Tegretol today, and while I sift through the med discussions and posts I'm wondering if anyone might share their POSITIVE Tegretol experiences with me? I tend to be extremely med-sensitive and am trying to maintain some cautious optimism, but so far all I'm seeing are bad experiences with this med, so I am really apprehensive. I know everyone is different but it would really give me a boost to hear someone else's success story! Thanks!

It does work for many people :) Before I had my adverse effect (and let's face it, that can happen with any drug, I do have other drug allergies) it was awesome. After my body got used to it and over the brain fog type period I just couldn't believe it, my background pain was gone (I have type 2) and there were NO attacks at all. Was great! And I am sure other people find that too that it works for.

Hi, Tegretol worked very well for me, unless you have the adverse reactions as Porcelina talks about above I would stick with it. Of course there are side effects, every drug has those, it's best one for me was the easing of pain.

There is good reason why Tegretol is widely considered by medical professionals to be the "gold standard" against which other medications are compared. I've seen at least one reference that claims the med is successful in controlling pain in over 70% of the cases where it's used against TN. There are usually SOME side effects -- but often not at a level which seriously compromises the patient's quality of life.

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Hello, I started tegretol the other day, and although woozy, no pain, so I am quite happy (at the moment!)

Hi, I'm new to the forum, too, but I will have to say that Tegretol works quite well for me. I did not have many adverse reactions to it - just nausea, but that is going away the longer I stay on my higher dosage. I do have some med-sensitive drugs, too, but this one is working most of the time. Thanks.

wow ! good to hear.

i'm of the fence about tegretol either (have a box at home - didn't take it).

do you take the CR (slow release ) pills ? or the regular ?

I'm so glad the Tegretol is working for you. I know what you mean having ATN myself ... I was having a bad day and was doped up on gabapentin, oxycodone and codeine and finally all the pain stopped. I said to my husband "OMG this is awesome!" (having the pain gone) and he looked at me weird!

NGT said:

Thank you so much for the feedback, you all made my weekend! I started my Tegretol on Saturday because my husband would be home for backup... I have to say, WOW. I am already feeling a difference. I am pain free for whole minutes at a time! I'm sure anyone who has ATN can relate to the joy of this feeling. I've had constant boring pain for over a year, and to have it just gone, even for a minute, is just amazing. I am feeling a little spacy but not too much more than usual, lol. A little nauseated at times. I am hoping these side effects will pass, but so far they are not bothering me too much. MUCH easier to deal with than the constant awfulness of feeling my left eye is being gouged out with a spoon and railroad spikes are being driven up my nose and into my ear... I'll take it!

Happy Monday to all, NGT

I used Tegretol for several months and it was very effective with me. I preferred the ER (Extended Release) every 12 hours, but in the worst of times, I had breakthrough pain after 8 hrs. It worked better than Gabapentin for me.

I had no side effects and my neurologist did say it was the "gold-satandard" for TN pain. My internist suggested that over time, bloodtesting for kidneys being not bothered by it can be a good idea. I sure hope it keeps working for you. I really liked it for myself and would use it again, should I fall back into too much pain. It was necessary to keep it in the body system as it took a couple of hours to again begin being effective if I stopped a dose.