Tegretol rash

Has anyone broken out in a rash from being out in the sun while taking Tegretol? I spent the day at a friends pool on Sunday , and am completely covered in red spots. The areas of my skin that were exposed to the sun are worse, but I have the rash everywhere. I did read you could be more sun sensitive while on Tegretol, so I used lots o sunscreen! I guess that was not what the warning meant. I have a call in to my doctor, but his nurse is new, and although she did call back, and say she spoke to him breifly, and he said a rash is common wit Tegretol , she did want to talk more with him about it. I was advised to take Benadryl, but that hasn’t done too much.
Just wanted to run this by all of you, since you all are so very kind in sharing your experiences with us newbies!


You absolutely do need to get this checked out. It may well be a sun reaction, Tegretol does make you more sensitive. But there is a chance it could be the much more serious Stevens Johnson which definitely needs attention as it can have very serious consequences. Please act now and let me know the outcome. Fingers crossed.

Well,just came back from the doctor. It appears I am allergic to Tegretol. Doctor was about as disappointed as I am. I am starting on neuro tin tonight.

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately some people do have this reaction to Tegretol. Neurontin is often kinder. It works well for me, fingers crossed.

Anyone reading this: I did not want to frighten Christine too much but if left and at it's worst Stevens Johnson can even be fatal.That's why it's a good idea to always check out any rashes in the early days.

Hey, Jackie, no worries. You did not frighten me.