Tegretol for TN2

Does anyone with TN2 take tegretol? If so has it helped? My naturopath believes I have this condition and has prescribed me tegretol. I am hesitant to start it because it seems to me that tegretol is more for TN1. I took amytriptaline 8 years ago and it worked excellent for 3 years. I went off during my second pregnancy and when I went back on didn’t work anymore. Of anyone who reads this has TN2, can you please tell me what meds you have found relief from. Thank you. I’m so confused and stressed…

Hi Sarah. I have Type II and Tegretol not only did not help me, it made my pain worse! AND, the side effects nearly sent me to the hospital. I fell on the floor from weakness/dizziness! I was on a low dose according to the Dr. He said the fact that it was so ineffective for my pain led him to diagnose Type II instead of Type I - Tegretol is often used by Drs as a diagnostic tool to rule in or rule out TN Type I. No preventatives have worked for me and I’ve tried them all in the 8-9 years I’ve had this condition. For moderate pain I use 1 Hydrocodone IBU (with Ibuprofen instead of Tylenol in it) PLUS 1 Imitrex. Only the combination of both works to get pretty good relief. Neither works much by itself for some reason. For really bad pain I use 1Percocet 10mg PLUS 1 Imitrex. It helps. And then recently I’ve have a real uptick in pain - stress-related. Sometimes NOTHING WORKS. I’ve had to go to ER several times in recent months for IV pain med or shot. I also use Lidocaine patches cut up and put on specific pain areas. They don’t help much though by themselves. Only used as an addition to pain med combination. I use a dental gel (professional product my dentist orders for me) that has 20% Benzocaine - much stronger than Oragel or other OTC oral products. It’s called “Benzo-Jel”. Maybe you can ask your dentist to get it for you. I use this gel for when the pain is in my upper jaw/molars. Anything I can find to cut down on need for pain meds is worth a try even if it only mildly helps take the edge off.

I have tn2 and have found relief with gabapentin. My dr. started me on a very low dose (100 mg 2x daily) which worked for a year then I had to increase. It seems like every year I have to increase but I am still, according to my dr., at a low dose. A few here have said they benefit from a combination, gabapentin & amitrip or nortrip.