Tegretol, Fatigue, and Swollen Lymph Nodes

Has anyone had any experience with swollen lymph nodes while on Tegretol. I'm up to 200 mg 3X/day and about to increase the Tegretol. I've been getting sore throats and low grade fevers that come and go but the neurologist said it is not from the Tegretol so I scheduled an appointment with my PCP for tomorrow afternoon. Last night all of a sudden the glands in the right side of my jaw swelled up really bad. That meant I couldn't lay on my left side (the side with the TN) nor my right and the pain was absolutely unbearable. I laid awake on my back crying. I woke up this morning and the swelling on the right was gone but as I've taken each dose of the Tegretol the right side has become more and more swollen throughout the day. Has anyone else experienced this? I feel like I'm going crazy. I'm nauseated, weak, and tired all the time; now this on top of it. All I can do is cry and wait for my PCP appt tomorrow.

Im sorry youre going through this. I think these are side effects from tegretol. my voice always sounds like i just woke up because of the tegretol. Maybe you can try a different medication that wont cause you so many side effects

Every time my neuro increased the dosage of tegretol to help with the pain. I woul get more pain in my throat and when swallowing. So had titrate back off of the Tegretol. I am now on Trileptal.

Well, I saw my PCP and she thinks the sore throat is from allergies so we'll see how the allergy medicine works. Problem is that I started the Tegretol right as the spring allergies bloomed. I'm still really groggy and can't drive which is a real problem. I'll increase the dose as the neurologist wants and see what happens. The neurontin wasn't helping at all for the pain and at least I'm noticing some very small improvement with this even though I'm having trouble thinking straight. I'll give it a fair chance.

Kathy: I have been taking Tegretol for over a year now 400 mg x 2 a day extended release. Have never had that problem, but the brain fog and loss of words gets bad from time to time. I do not drive at all, part due to other reasons, part due to the drugs. I have noticed that I can "drift" off to sleep very easy now, however they have been a life saver. I can feel the start of a major attack, take my percocets and let myself drift and the Tegretol will keep it from going over the deep end. Don't get all the way to "ER time". I am rambling sorry.

I had these symptoms a year after being off of tegretol. It ended up being recurrent mono. Thinking of you...

Jamie: hmm, I've had mono twice but this feels different. I think my PCP is right about the allegies. I'll give the allergy med a chance to work and see what happens. I've tried increasing the Tegretol as the neurologist said but no luck. The room was spinning when I took a 2 tablet dose, I gave it 2 times. Spinning like over intoxication and when the spinning finally stopped hours later, the hangover was horrible. I'll send the neurologist a message about it. I can't go through another day like yesterday. I'm sticking at 1 tab 3 times a day until I can communicate more with him. :(

My glands in my throat became very swollen after taking tegritol for 10 days. My blood work showed high inflammation and 3 months later I am still very weak, nauseated and fatigued. I have seen so many specialists I feel like I am spinning in circles. I also have swollen groin nodes and will be having one removed and biopsied. I am sorry that you are going through all of this too. Any updates on your allergy tests?

Hi Collette, I didn't have any allergy tests. I had them years ago and I'm allergic to just about everything. I started taking my allergy medicine and am feeling a lot better. Funny that I didn't think of that since it is so warm that things started blooming early.

I've learned that increasing the dose on the Tegretol much more slowly makes it more tolerable but I'm up to 800 mg/day. I think that may be enough. I can lay on my left side again without crying. I can even touch my face. I still can't tolerate the wind hitting it and my teeth and jaw still hurt but it isn't the whole side of my head all the time any more. Of course I'm groggy and can't think straight but I couldn't think straight from the pain either. I go to the neurologist Thursday for a follow up and blood work to make sure everything is okay.

My world was in a different place when I attempted this drug…got off immediately. Taking oxycarbynzine, it’s working fine …so far. Good luck!,