Tegretol & Baclofen

My mom is taking 800 mg of Tegretol and just started on 1/2 tablet of Baclofen 3 times a day this morning. Is anyone out there on this regimen? Is 800 Mg “alot” of Tegretol? Is there anyone out there on higher doses of Tegretol? Please help us out!

Hi Summer, I took these drugs (whole baclofen) for about a year and a half. I was in remission for a while and then started taking Gabapentin and Baclofen. I don't know if that is a lot of Tegretol. I have seen a few people mention much more than that. My doctor says that the baclofen helps the other drugs be more effective. It is a type of muscle relaxer and it does help keep me calm especially in crisis. I noticed a marked difference in sleep habits and anxiety when I wasn't taking it during a short remission. Stress is a major trigger for me (fear of pain mostly). I have recently been able to reduce the amount of gabapentin (per doctors recommendation) but to continue the baclofen (to be reduced next). It seems to be working right now. We will see. Very best wishes to you and Mom! Thank you so much for being her close support. It isn't easy, I appreciate you.

I can’t imagine the fear and pain people who have this disease go through. My mom is 67 so she refuses to learn how to work the Internet, lol, so I joined this group for her. She looks forward to getting feedback on the questions I post, and has really been a lot less stressed since I joined a couple of days ago. Thank you so much for your response, it really means alot to hear from people with this same problem. Thank you again, and God Bless!

I have been on carbamzepine since 2008 . The dose I am at is 1000mg the highest was 1200mg. I have right now having more pain shooting thru. So my Neuro. Now wants to add baclofen. I am not sure what will happen because I have bad balance issues.