Tegretol & Baclofen

Does anyone take Tegretol and Baclofen, and if so how many milligram? I’m new to this site, I’m not sure how to post questions for everyone to view…hope this is the correct way!

You posted correctly, somebody will answer soon I hope!


Yes, I am currently taking 700mg of Tegretol and 10 mg of Baclofen also 150 mg of indomethacin. The neurologist has been adjusting doses of Tegretol to try to eliminate the "fogginess" just about all of us feel on Tegretol. I am much better than I was @ 1200mg of Tegretol. We tryed eliminating the Baclofen but that brought on severe headaches (one sided) that I have been taking the indomethacin daily to combat.

Currently I receive a few TN pains throughout the day but have seen the the crushing, burning, pulsating headaches disappear. The neuroligists see this pain as being possibly brought on by the trigeminal nerve but not being typical TN. Possibly a variant of trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias that causes the incredibly painful headaches I was experiencing ( along with the typical TN pain)

Next week I am meeting with a neurosurgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston to go over my recent series of MRI/MRA's. Apparently there is something worth discussing or they wouldn't meet with me ,or so I was told. We'll see.

Good luck to you.