Tegretol and driving

Ever full of questions that I am, I was wondering if any of you drive? How do you handle it? Is your medication an issue, or are you ok once you've adjusted? I'm speaking particularly to those on Tegretol, but all feedback is welcome.

I'm a learner driver...and my test is due in July. Unfortunately, with my TN acting up and my changes in dosage, I've been struggling with driving practice lately. My head is all muddled up and I keep making these ridiculous mistakes. Like I'll go completely blank and won't remember to lower the handbrake when starting the car! Parking and reverse is even worse. My driving teacher was all puzzled because she said I knew how to do that stuff before.

I forgot to ask my doctor this question (but will next time I see him), but I'd like first hand experience. Can you take Tegretol and drive?

I know you want your drivers lic., but right now Safety First. If it take a litle longer it is worth it.

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I haven't driven since starting the Tegretol over a month ago. My eyesight is blurry and I often feel dizzy. Add the feeling of being stupid to it and I figure I better not drive till things calm down.

If you are just starting the Tegretol, give it some time. I've read here many times that it can take a couple months or more for the body to adjust to the dosage.

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I do fine on my meds. I AM very tired a lot, but I seem to do fine driving. And I am on 1200 mg a day of tegretol split into 3 doses.

I was unable to drive on Tegretol or Lyrica. I am an insurance adjuster out on the road all day, and between the dizzyness and the fact I was a liability for my job ( I drive a company car) I was unable to work at all. I felt like I was in a tunnel when I drove and the sides of the road were going faster than the center...it SUCKED!

I had an MVD and am off the meds now, so driving is not an issue anymore.

Some people have good luck and get used to the meds, I wasnt lucky at all with that

Wendy "crashgirl"

Thanks Sabrina, I was just discussing that with a colleague. I may have to postpone and wait a little longer. As it is driving practice is out of the question, so I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Sabrina said:

I know you want your drivers lic., but right now Safety First. If it take a litle longer it is worth it.

Be Safe


My neurologist advised me not to drive because the insurance companies most likely wouldn’t cover u in the event of an accident. He said my judgement was cloudy and he was right, I can’t judge distance of vehicles when I’m on a heavy dosage. Trust how u feel and if ur not alert dont drive.