Living With Facial Pain

Tattoos to relive pain?

At some point I loose control over the pain and my thoughts . I’ve been considering getting tattooed when the pain is too much for me . Maybe that would help ? When it hurts that bad I would rather feel hurt in some other place , somewhere I’m in control of .

There is a type of piercing that is supposed to relieve pain. I can’t recall the name of it–Daeth? I’ll try and find more info.

Tattoo for pain I feel you would regret a permanent reminder of your pain possibly only a temporary fix x

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What you would only be doing is creating a habit. When I would physically hurt from my horrible stomach pain as a teenager i would cut. Then i could cut asy emotional pain, then depressed, then angry… On and on. Outs the exact same thing! And yes tattoos are not cutting but your doing it for the pain it sounds like (And you’re secondly getting a tattoo out of it) Your paying someone allot of money to cut you on a fancy way.
Please don’t do this. Because I’m still ever 2 years our so doing out and it’s hard to stop. I would not want that for another pain sufferer.

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Here’s more info on piercings for pain relief, for anyone who might be interested:


I do understand the desperation for pain relief that you are feeling, and hope that you can find some constructive way to manage it.

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I love tattoos, but they do not help with the mouth pain.

There is no medical evidence for piercing to help any pain and that auriculotherapy does anything at all in terms health benefits. Auriculotherapy isn’t even a real therapy, it’s a made up word to sound medical. Do a few minutes of research and you will uncover all the medical facts as to why it doesn’t work. Same with tattoos. As someone else mentioned, all tattooing does is redirect your attention to a different kind of pain in a different location, it’s not a “cure” for anything.

Instead of looking into piercing and tattooing look into acupressure, acupuncture, and massage. Things things offer clear, proven, science-based assistance in dealing with chronic pain.

far more effective, much cheaper, creates more endorphins to control pain is an old Army Ranger trick - induce vomitting. In other words, its pure flim-flmary Inducing vomitting does work but only for 10 - 60 minutes.