Taking away pain meds by new Dr

My new Dr.has decided he wants me off the pain meds. I’m horrified! How will I fight this pain? I asked that he send me to a pain management Dr. and he declined. I’m feeling afraid and hopeless. Man I just feel like I can’t do this anymore.I also have arthritis and fibromyalgia. Someone please tell me what I’m supposed to do???just doesn’t feel worth it anymore. I will have nothing to fight with. That’s all that’s been barely getting me through. I don’t have any support group or family who helps. Felt like this Dr was so dismissive to me. Like TN IS NO BIG DEAL! I’m just so tired of this fight. It’s just not worth it anymore!

Hi Wendy, I think that you need to go and see a different Dr. If you are in a lot of pain with the TN then you need the right medication to fight this pain as, as you are probably aware that ordinary pain relief meds will not work with TN. Did the Dr give you a reason as to why he was taking you off your meds as this sounds absolutely crazy to me!

I know you said that you have no family or support groups that can help you with this, but have you got a friend who would be willing to go to the DR's with you?

Don't give up on the fight as it is worth it in the long run. I think many of us on here at one time or another felt like you do now, I know I have in the past! I think that you just need to find the right Dr who understands the level of pain which TN brings and then you will feel much better!

I hope the above helps you a little and I'm sure that many more on here will also give you similar or even better advice.

I wish you well and hope that things soon improve for you!

Mandy : )

Thank you Mandy for your kind words and support.

Tell him Donald Trump says he is fired!

You absolutely must get a new Dr, this one is breaking the Hippocratic Oath if he will not help you and frankly, I would not take my budgie to him for help.

Hi Wendy, I am new to all of this (It's been three months) so I don't have much knowledge to give, but know that you are not alone. I did not realize the medical community knew so little about this. My Doctor was looking stuff up on the internet during my appointment. Does a person have to be referred to a pain clinic or can you just call and make an appointment? Not sure but there is one near me that has a big sign and seems to advertise that they are there.

Wendy , what meds are you on, and what meds will he be taking away?

If you are on any of the anti-convulsants, usually doctors will play around with doses and combos of these meds for TN to find what works for you. They usually don’t take away! That’s crazy! These have to be weaned off slowly! Get thee to an ER if this is the case ASAP.

BUT if you are on high doses of other meds, like painkillers, this they can and do take away.
It’s different everywhere, but because of their addictive quality they have to be extremely careful.
I hope you are not without pain medication, find a new doctor who is knowledgable of TN and will find you the right pain med combo.

We’re here for you in spirit,
(( hugs ))

Thank you all for you’re care and comfort. It truly means the world to me to be able to have a place like this to vent & share and also provide support for all of you. Thank God I’ve found a family of friends here that truly understand. We will all find our way through this if we support each other. My prayer for all of you is the pain be resolved for you and your families. Love & Peace

Hi Wendy,

I went through being taken off all medications last spring. This included opiods and lyrica cold turkey for 6 days. I know that does sound long but at the time it felt like a life time. I also don’t recommend it either, as not only do you have to contend to withdrawals but uncontrolled pain from TN. Honestly I would ask for the reason why your doctor wants to take you off these medications. Also I would want to know his or hers plan on how to accomplish this in a safe manner. If they tell cold turkey that is a problem and not acceptable. Lastly have someone be your advocate if you trully want to go to a pain managment doctor, because most only take patients by referral and will only accept you after reviewing your health records. If after having someone advocate for you and this doctor is still unwilling to send you to pain managment pain go find a new doctor. I’m sorry your going through this. I hope everything will work for the best for you please keep us updated.