Systems of failed MVD surgery

My question is to those who have had unsuccessful MVD surgery. I had surgery three months ago and have been pain free since surgery, however I am still weaning off of my medication which is Tegretol. I take one pill in the morning and one at night. I still get this feeling from time to time that I am going to have a strike in my face. Usually just right above my lip. It doesn’t happen, just feels that way. Also, I still have the numbness around my lip, tongue, and incision area that comes and goes.
My Doctor told me we would discuss stopping the medication completely when I go back for a checkup in December. It is to my understanding I am still on the medication because I am giving the nerve area (surgery) time to heal. I am so afraid “because of getting this feeling of a strike fixing to happen” that my surgery wasn’t successful. Can anyone, who has had MVD surgery, give me any insight on this?


I doubt there are systems, or symptoms to any ‘failed’ surgeries; barring infection, or the like.

I relate to your anxiety and expectation - possibly, becoming a paranoia of the PAIN we receive.

My MVD failed 2 weeks to the day; for those two weeks, I didn’t have time to worry about anything except for that happiness.

As for the actual surgery and healing time, Linda… sarcastic Bob, will tell you that someone had their fingers in your brain; )

Great Topic, thanks! bob

Had MVD in June 2007, pain stayed away for 2 wonderful years. Lost my hearing in left ear due to surgery, but at that point did not care as I was pain free. Now I have the pain back, be it different to before op. It took me a long time to get over my op. was working at the time ( book-keeper ) I was over retirement age, but I had to stop could not bear concentrating for any length of time. Also my boss was not sympathetic, he could not understand why I had the op in the first place, he thought I was making a big thing of little more than a headache. Remember him saying " why have you done this to yourself " Never mind that’s all in the past. Would like to find a cure, but would never go under the knife again. My brain or what bit I have got is going to stay intact. Hope you are one of the lucky ones and the pain never returns Linda. Just take one day at a time during your recovery do as much or as little as you feel like doing. I went back to work after 4 weeks think looking back I was completely mad. Then I walked out not many weeks later ( that’s another story best forgotten ) Love Margaret

Thank you both for the replies. There are times when I do get a little nervous. I do get tired of the recovery process also. I have been trying to do as the Dr. told me "not to bend down and pick anything up, not to lift anything over 10lbs etc. It does get old. I have been able to stay at home and recover but I have been getting these sensations of a shock and I had a very light shock this morning and it really makes me wonder if my surgery was successful. I am still on medication so I was wondering , did the pain come pain instantly for you are slowly come back. And that's OK Bob, I thought that was kind of cute, Ha!