Swollen cheek and lymph nodes

This is the 17th day of nearly constant (severe at times) TN pain. I have TN 2 so it’s more of a pounding throbbing pain.

Yesterday I noticed that the pain was beginning to center on the bottom right side of my face … Inside my cheek, one tooth in the back and under my jaw and chin.

This morning, my cheek and lymph nodes under my jaw and chin are noticeably swollen and very tender, even to a light touch. It really hurts to swallow too. A warm compress helps somewhat.

My questions are:
Is this simply TN pain that has shifted from my upper face to my lower?

Did the TN pain cause irritation to my cheek and jaw area and the swelling is a result of that?

Is it possible I have some sort of infection and need to se my GP?

A few years ago following a week’s worth of TN pain, I developed the worst sinus infection of my life but (get this!) it was only on the right side of my face. I had to take three courses of antibiotics to get rid of it.

Hi Karen,

My lymph nodes and cheek swells on my TN side once in awhile. I have them drained or I have been shown how to drain mine myself. It helps me. I would suggest that you talk to someone trained in it and they might show you how to drain you own also. It is done with a very light touch. It might be something you can research. I have never gotten a sinus infection from it tho. Good luck


you might need antibiotic / steroid

I would see the doctor

I also would stand under hot showers to make me feel better

Thanks for the suggestions. I will call the doctor in the morning and read up on draining the swollen areas myself.

Hey Karen. I'm sorry you are having so much pain.

I too have experienced this swelling with TN and it often moves from my eye and upper cheek to my lower jaw, ear and throat. When this first started everyone thought it was an eye problem so I was sent to multiple eye doctors and surgeons. When the pain and swelling moved into my cheek and started the extreme ear pain I was sent to an ENT doctor. When the pain starting to travel into my lower jaw I asked my GP to send me to a neurologist. After a billion tests to rule out every thing else she still did not give me a diagnosis. She sent me to a pain management specialist who started me on meds for atypical facial pain. My GP diagnosed me with TN based on my symptoms and gave me meds that helped. Unfortunately, everything I take stops working after a short amount of time and he has to increase doses. I am now waiting to see my new neurologist who specializes in TN.

I do agree that you should have it checked with your GP. Sometimes they can give you steroids to help the swelling and it's good to rule out any infections. Also find a good neurologist. I'm still looking.

I know this is an old post but whatever happened? I am having something similar in my lower left jaw like under a tooth and swelling.

I too get this sometimes in my upper jaw it feels like my upper jaw gum area is swollen well I’m having a pain outbreak for a period of time then it goes away. I’m not sure if this is the same thing you were meaning and I’ve never been able to figure out what it was.

Hi there Teri,

Thank you for the reply. Still trying to get answers to my left sided facial mysteries. I still get inflamed somewhere here and there under my left jaw. It’s almost like is it lymph nodes? I have asked ENT- nothing is noticeably swollen. It came in last night strong for a little but usually is a low grade feeling.

I hate not knowing what is going on! I need answers type of person. The unknown freaks me out. Like I feel like something is going on that is festering. I have upper left sided issues too so joy to me haha

Thanks again for the reply!