Sweet things hurting teeth with Trigeminal Neuralgia?

I don't think my doctors really know what's going on with me 100% yet - my pain first originated in my teeth, then I got headaches/facial pain, and now it seems to be back in my teeth again. I've been to my dentist twice due to pain I have been having in my teeth this week - specifically when cold/hot or sweet things touch a few specific teeth. I also noticed a grey spot along the gum line on the one tooth that is really bothering me. My dentist took X-rays and other than hypersensitivity couldn't find anything wrong. I also got another opinion from a second dentist who my main dentist referred me to and that same dentist also couldn't find anything wrong. Today though, the pain is even worse. I have shoot-through-the-roof pain when cold touches it, hot just started bugging it this morning, sweet, and even salt hurts it! I even have special desensitizing stuff my dentist gave me and THAT hurts it! But just along that grey spot. But again, my dentist is 200% positive nothing is wrong. So I guess my question to all of you with TN is, are your teeth sensitive to sweet/hold/cold/etc.? It's really hard for me to differentiate TN pain to cavity pain (although, again, according to my dentist and the other dentist I saw, I have absolutely no cavities.) My dentist is the #1 dentist where I live so I trust him...I just don't trust my teeth/this pain and I am beyond frustrated. I should also point out that when my pain first started several years ago, I wound up having 12 teeth extracted/pulled out due to the pain and 3 root canals (which didn't work because I still had pain after the fact so those wound up being yanked out too), and even then dentists couldn't find anything wrong with my teeth (but at that point they were trying anything because I was in so much agony...like I am now.) Obviously I don't want to go that route again.

Side-note: I was on Topiramate for a few weeks prior to all of this and I have a funny feeling that might've set things off. I've since stopped the Topiramate and my doctor put me back on Carbamazepine... don't know if it's going to be helpful but I didn't notice any weird side effects with it.

I've been crying all morning. This is such a hard thing for me to deal with at my age (28.)

If you poke around discussions, you will see quite a few of us have sweet/hot/cold triggers. I have cold and sweet triggers.

I tried poking around but didn’t find much…guess I didn’t look hard enough! Anyway, it’s super frustrating because I’m convinced I have cavities despite dentists telling me I don’t. I have had tooth pain for a week straight now. Can’t even touch a cold finger on my tooth without going through the roof in pain.

sugar is one of triggers for me as well

Sweet things can be a trigger for me also. Cold things sometimes affect my teeth sometimes as well. Of course this happens to different teeth at different times. This is the most frustrating thing and it is downright depressing. There are times when I could swear I have something wrong with a tooth and the next day, it is fine. My pain doctor told me to try putting pressure on the tooth with a finger when this happens, and if there is no pain, you know it is the TN. Please do not despair - try to focus on all the good things that you have in your life. You are far too young to let this get you down. With the proper medication it can be controlled

sounds rough. All of the facial pain I notice is the whole left side practicly, and I clench My teeth as well, due to the overall high activity I feel. I have been to so many doctors all telling me im fine, im on a mixture of pharmaceuticals, and after years, it seems to work sometimes. Carbamazepine works good, but ive since swittched to triplitel, which doesnt work as good, but much less fatigue. I hope you feel better. USE A HEAT PAD! so comforting on extreme occasions when I cant even think to myself.