So this past month my doctor has run out of medication options to give me so we are going to do the surgery. I am really nervous about it because they weren't able to find anything wrong with the Trigeminal nerve or the pathway, it look completely normal. So i'm not to sure how it'll work. Has anyone else gotten any of the surgery's? If so did it help?

What type of TN do you have Taylor?Type 1 or 2? The success rates for surgery depend on which type you have,TN being more successful than ATN.You will for sure get a lot of replies regarding your question.Good Luck!

I have had MVD surgery on both right and left sides. I have both types of pain; the shocks and the burning boring pain. My right side had been affected for almost 10 years before the surgery, and that affected my outcome. I did get relief from the shocks on that side after the operation, but not from the burning boring pain. (I had a peripheral nerve stimulator implanted six months later on that side to manage pain)
My left side had only been affected for 1 year, and the surgery on that side relieved both types of pain. Almost three years after all the surgeries, I am medication free.
Just so you are aware, many times compressions on the vein are NOT seen on MRIs but are found during surgery.
Best of luck to you!

They are not exactly sure what type of TN I have since there is no cause to it and I have both types of pain. My doctor is sending me now because of the new study that showed it you get it done before 3 years you have a better chance and I am half way through my 2nd year. I am glad you found relief from the pain that makes me feel a little better about it working. Also I will keep that in mind about the compression.

I had gamma knife surgery on March 3 with good results so far. My doctor told me I had a little of both types. I definitely have a blood vessel on the nerve, but he didn't think I was bad off enough for the MVD. From what I've read, I'm sure it's down the road ...