Short TN episode last year. Either went away with Gabapentin or time. 2 months ago full blown TN. Every tooth on left side, top and bottom, felt like jackhammered. Tongue, throat, ugh. Doctors in our area didn't know about TN. Made appts around Midwest, but could not get in soon. Husband read article by Dr Grande at University of Minnesota Fairview. Matt emailed him and within 6 hours, Dr Andy Grande called us and told us to come on up! Within 24 hours, I was undergoing Microvascular Decompression. I had blood vessels pressing against the trigeminal nerve, so he took the pressure off. Immediately the TN pain was gone.

I had an unrelated(?) infection going on in my jaw. I was put on IV steroids and heavy antibiotics. Brain surgery Friday night, returned to OR Wednesday to have infection drained. Was released from UMMC 7 days after checking in. I've been home for 4 days now. My brain wound is FINE! The outside of my head is sore, and my ear had been folded and taped down during the brain surgery. The ear is very tender. Other than that, the TN surgery was NOTHING compared to all that is going on with my mouth.

My Neuro team and ENT team at University of Minnesota were answers to so many prayers from friends and family. God placed that article in front of my husband at exactly the right time. I am forever grateful to Dr Grande for his sincere compassion and knowledge of TN and his patients.

I keep scratching my head (not really, cuz that would hurt!) about why TN patients would continue to medicate vs having corrective surgery. If one can afford medicine, or have the means to attain drugs, wouldn't surgery be within reach? Also, I would never risk the possibility of the drugs wearing off, or the fact that they can stop working.

When we returned home, there was a letter from Mayo. I had made an appt with Nuero to discuss my TN before I had been introduced to Dr Grande. The letter stated that "Mayo was unable to offer me an appt. The demand for services exceeds capacity and staff available. APpt requests are prioritized based on likelihood that we can provide additional tests or treatment options which might benefit me or are significantly different to what I have already received. My request did not meet Mayos criteria for an appt."!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so glad that your surgery went well. If you read through other people's experiences with surgery they are not all positive. These surgeries don't always work and the one's that do work are left with some neuropathic pain or pain that returns months or years down the road.

Generally people exhaust all other treatment options before having surgery. Also, I think a lot of people are frightened of the surgery, there are risks.

I will be meeting a neurosurgeon next month. I am excited and nervous.

Anyways, so glad that you are pain free and that your surgery was a success!!!!!

Wow! You definitely had God on your side. I recently met or should I say communicate with a member who lives very close to me. During our correspondence she knew my neurologists from school. She also referred a good neurosurgeon in our area. I requested to my pain management Dr refer me on for mvd. The same surgeon the member talked about is who I will see in 3 weeks. It gets better, she also mentioned how wonderful the PA is. Would you know she was speaking of my interim choir director at my church. Of course I formally introduced myself the next Sunday to our choir director. With in a week I had a mri done and my appointment scheduled. I talked to our director this past Sunday and he already knew when my appointment is and i will see him and the Dr. If surgery needs be done my director said I will have it within 2 weeks.
It is confronting to know I may have closure soon. And the Dr is highly recommended plus I know the PA, somewhat.

God is awesome! Best of luck and speedy recovery. I will pray for you Kelli!