Surgery is over!

Monday morning at 7:30 I was rolled into the surgery room at University of Michigan Hospital. I was to have the MVD done finally to get rid of my pain. I didn't come out of surgery until about 3:00 in the afternoon, 2 hours in recovery then finally was in their nuero ICU.

What an experience that was! It was a much longer day than I expected, but for most of it..I never knew the difference anyway. :) When I came out I looked and felt like I got hit by a truck, but if I can get rid of the was worth it.

Tuesday was kind of a depressing day in that not only did I have a tremendous pain from the surgery...I had horrible face pain from the TN. I was not a happy camper! The Doc said that the pain might be there due to all the internal and external swelling.

Wednesday however, things were different. When they brought me breakfast I carefully took small bites and to my surprise the pain was gone. I almost couldn't keep the tears back as I ate breakfast.

Wednesday, I was released and was driven the 4 hour trip home and I was happy to get there! I still have lots of pain, but can control most of it withTylonol. I have what looks like a bullet hole just above my right eye from the vice kind of thing to hold my head in place. Don't like it prolly will have a scar. The stiches behind my ear...about 22 staples. That will not be seen to much later on when healed.

Thursday, wake pain again! Yippee!

My case was that I had a large vein laying and somewhat attached to the nerve. So they had to go in and do some burning to get them separated. Then they put the padding in between them. Probably why it took so long. U of M is one of the best hospitals in the country and Dr. Patil is one of the best nuero surgeons they have. Great place....I hope it works.

Good stuff, the outcome we would all have wanted for you!

That's great news!!! And it gives others hope!

TERRIFIC!!!! Doing the HAPPY DANCE here in CA for you!! love to hear success stories. Keeps my hopeful :-)

I’m so happy you are doing so well!!! Congrats and kudos Dr. Patil!!

Keep us posted on your progress!!

That’s us great news! I am so happy for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

I will get back to you on my side effects from the surgery!

I am very happy for you Bob. Best of luck the rest of the way. My MVD is scheduled for 7/17 and frankly I wish it was yesterday.

Great news!!!! I needed alot of rest when I came home. What surprised me the most was how weak I felt and it took so long to get my strength back. Since that was my first major surgery I didn't expect it. Good luck and take it easy. So glad you have no pain.


Two days after the surgery I was driven the four hours home. I am tired, but up and around and of course can't do a darn thing, because if you can't lift any thing...well that pretty much takes care of that. I do realize I have to take it very easy. Think about it...I just had major brain surgery and I'm home already walking around. Can you imagine 40 years ago? Probably would be in the hospital for a month. Amazing technology!

Today not a good day...need to take it very easy...a little dizzy. pain!

My right side of my head is numb...don't know how long that will last. Looks like I got hit by a truck. Have quite a...well it looks like a bullet hole just above my right eye where they had me pressed into something to hold my head in a still position. If I told someone that's what it was...they would believe me. Doc said that should heal out and be fine. Size of a nickel. I can live with it! :)

No Pain, thank goodness.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery and yes technology can be amazing. Rest up!

...hoping all the MVD's will be as successful! So very glad to hear of a success story! Best wishes on your recovery and really appreciate your updates!!

Thats awesome! So glad that TN could possibly be a past thing for you :) Happy healing!

I am so happy that you posted about your surgery. Please keep us informed! I would love to hear a wonderful success story. :)

I had an MVD done on May 16th. As soon as I came round noticed the tightness in my right cheek and over my right eye had gone. Yes there was pain over my right ear but its not TN. Yippee. My forehead a bit sore where the vice has been. I was discharged after one day as I did so well when came round from anaesthetic. I too had a large vein compressing trigeminal nerve. Only down side was vomiting on day 3 due to swelling. I am feeling great folks.

Best decision I ever made having the surgery. Feeling really positive about the future as the last 7 months have truly been a nightmare.

so happy for you ...take it easy for a while x

so happy for you!! Hope you are well and resting, and thanks for the positive feedback, keep us posted, Wendy

That is wonderful news!!! So happy for you Bob, wishing you a healthy recovery!

Still doing ok.

Woke up this morning with a banger of a headache. Got up and made coffee and within an hour it was pretty much gone. I can feel on the right side of my head the stiffness or numbness yet, but not to much pain with that. Bumped my head on a rather large tree branch this morning. Scared the heck out of me! I was just adjusting one of those plastic chairs. Just didn't see it. So we need to be real careful out there people. All I was doing was watching my wife plant the garden. She laughed, then yelled at me. :)

Been a week to the day. My god time flies. pain.

Hang in there everybody.

Wow, be careful! Keep a safe distance from a tree ! Don’t do that again.:-). Wishing you a rapid and healthy recovery!