Surgery Denied

Well, my consultation with the neurosurgeon was a bummer. He said he could not perform any procedure that would help me. Since Tegretol, Baclofen, and Gabapentin failed, the chances of a surgical repair is less than 30%. My atypical facial pain existed prior to my TN, so I'm not a candidate for surgery. Great!

hello bill my neursurgeon wont let me have to mvd either he is going to try doing the injection in my neck but iam only allowed to have 5 of them in 1 year and if they dont work he going to try radaim therphery i take gabapentine 3 thousand 600mg a day he told me iam not a candidate for surgery either

That's crazy, Lorraine! You're going to have injections in your neck? Wow! My next step is a peripheral block. I'm still taking 600mg Tergretol, 600mg Gabapentin, and 30mg Baclofen. I need to find out how many injections I'm allowed and what my optios are if this fails too.

Same here Bill