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Surgery canceled


Hi all…

Well, following referral after referral, I finally got my surgery (MVD/internal neurolysis) date… 3rd of May. Sat in the prep room at OHSU with an IV hooked up and everything… then after 4 hours, I get told my surgery was cancelled (An emergency patient took the OR I was scheduled in).

I just want this done! Now I have another bunch of waiting to do… I guess I just needed to vent…



Vent away, that is what we are here for. How frustrating that must have been, have they given you a new date yet?



Thanks :slight_smile:

So far, it’s looking like may 23rd… so I guess it’s not too much of a delay. Ready for this to be done though. I guess I can be happy that I’ve had a free IV :wink:

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Haha now that is looking on the bright side. Let us know how it goes, we will be thinking of you!



Ouch! Takes courage to go and this is pretty lousy. I am sorry. Hope your neurosurgeon came snd told you or called you with apology. I had the surgery and when you are ready, you are ready. I eill be sending good thoughts. Glad you reached out!



Thanks all… yeah, it was disappointing to say the least. I have to admit though, I felt bad for my surgeon too. He came by personally and apologised and you could see he was just as disappointed. He and his fellow have been nothing but great so far. I guess it’s just one of those random things. They even explained that they would be recording my surgery (it’s at OHSU, so it’s a teaching hospital), so I’ll have a copy of that to take home… I’m oddly looking forward to seeing the inside of my own head :wink:



Hi I had my surgery cancelled also, had to travel a day to get there so had go back home another day , got home one day later they phoned to say could I be back by following Monday but have another surgeon ,so back we go but all good this time ,a week later back home with no pain ,it will all turn out good keep smiley will be thinking of you ,best of luck



Sorry to hear that. Was it with Dr. Burchiel at OHSU? I was scheduled for internal neurolysis with him a few months ago but canceled it after going into remission.

Sadly, my symptoms are coming back. Curious to see how this goes for you. Best of luck :slight_smile:



Hi all…

Yes, Dr. Birchiel and his fellow, Phillipe. A good pair and I’m very confident in them so far.

In fact I’m currently sitting in my hospital bed after getting the surgery a few days ago. It all went very well (Though I keep finding surprise bruises in the weirdest locations :wink: ), and im on the road to recovery.

I am very numb on the entire right side now, including my tongue, so that’s taking some getting used to, but I am told that will improve.

Fingers crossed now :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! and hope the results are all that you have been waiting for.