Surgery at the University of Utah


Dr. Paul House is the only TN neurosurgeon in Utah. He is at the University of Utah. Has anyone actually used him for MVD or follow up surgery?

I had MVD surgery and CyberKnife surgery at Stanford. MVD was done by Dr. Gary B. Steinberg. I know live near Salt Lake City; therefore, I would have follow up surgery at the University of Utah as my closest facility.

However, I am concerned about using Dr. House. I have metal sticking out from behind my ear, along the scar from the MVD and it is very painful along the scar where the tissue is breaking down and holes are appearing. My neurosurgeon said I need immediately neuro surgery.

Can Dr.House handle it or should I try to go back to Stanford?

Dr. House may be the only neurosurgeon in the Find a Doctor page above, but the page represents only the experience of the members at Living With TN. The following is from the US News and World Report "Top Doctors in America" listing. One of the listed physicians might be a place to start if you want to work with a doctor whose practice is in Utah. Several cities list more than 30 neurosurgeons (certainly not all of them in the Top Doctors list).

Dr. Ron Apfelbaum is now 75 and may have retired from the University of Utah. But he is a former member of the Medical Advisory Board for the US TN Association. His academic office contact number is (801) ■■■■■■■■. He will likely know other neurosurgeons in the State who see TN patients. Several reviews appear in the following source.

Regards, Red

I had my MVD through Dr. House in 2014. He was a great doctor and surgeon. He was very professional. I had no negative side effects from the surgery.

I met with Dr House for follow up on surgery performed at Stanford. Shortly thereafter he left UofU. He is well worth tracking down for neuro surgery. I just don’t know where he is now.

Does anyone know where Dr House can be reached now for consultation on MVD; Cyberknife and other TN RELATED SURGERY?