Surgere pre screen

In the way to kingston Hotel Dieu hospital for surgery pre screen (whatever that is). Very nervous. Mvd next Wednesday. Yikes. Also very nervous about the recovery. Was hoping I could at least do some reading but folks are telling me it will be too hard to concentrate.

Pierre, everyones recovery is different. In my case I was in hospital for 2-3 days post surgery and when I came home I was up and walking around the house in a day or 2. No headaches or problems was able to read ,watch TV and take a walk within days. About a week after surgery I developed a spinal leak and had to be readmitted for a few days to have a spinal tap but never really in much pain or discomfort post surgery. I was ready to go back to work about a month later but my wife refused to let me till my hair grew back in said I would scare people off. Good luck be optimistic about a quick and speedy recovery.

Best of luck to you for a successful and speedy recovery!