Sunglass solutions for Those with Facial Triggers

My AFP was first noticed and aggravated by the use of contacts and glasses, both of which I need for reading. After years of searching for help, I just had IOL- IntraOcular Lens replacement. (similar to cataract surgery) Yes, It has taken away a good percentage of my triggers, but i still have TN and GPN, with variant forms of both.

I just purchased 2 different sunshades for use in the car. I cut the NOSE piece on the smaller version and added a pad so it only touches my forehead. Both available on Amazon. Just want to share something POSITIVE with you all.


Smart lady!

I had to take the left side ear piece off of both my glasses and sunglasses, I replaced them with a heavy glass bead on a wire, threaded through the hole in the hinge that I removed half of. The bead helps balance the glasses. I am lucky enough that my nose is mostly unaffected by the glasses but the ear piece was sending huge waves of pain through my ear and jaw. They still slide off my face when I look down, and occasionally tip off sideways, but it is so much better pain wise, so I deal with the inconvenience. We have to get quite creative, don’t we. Thanks for sharing!