SUNCT sufferer-is MVD an option?

I have, after 7 years of facial pain to my left hand side of my face been given a diagnosis of SUNCT
I have tried and had no luck with lamotrigine carbemazapine amitripline and pregablin which I am currently prescribed.
I have shocking side effects with the pregablin. I don’t want to take topiramate or gabapentin due to side effects considering I already have horrible ones wth the other medications. I have also had long lasting local anesthetic injected into my head however I found this to be unbearably painful. I have used local anesthetic patches on my face as well to no help.
I have read up on MVD I had balloon compression around 3 years ago with no success. I feel my consultant wants to continue pushing drugs on me when there has been limited success with them. The pain is continuing and I can’t bear it anymore. As far as I am aware my MRI scans have not shown anything.
Has anyone had similar? How did you get your consultant to consider surgery?
I am due to see him on 23rd September where I am going to tell him I wish to discuss surgery options. I’ve been using medication since i was 15 I’m early twenties I want to enjoy it not be pumped full of medications which really limit my life in terms of being a young person can’t drink often my contraceptives are limited and generally I sleep a lot on medication feel sick and my speech is slurred and I am shaking. I work full time and need to drive this is not feasible long term.

I've never heard of MVD being used with SUNCT headaches. [See] Likewise, I don't believe there are any indicators in MRI to confirm that diagnosis. I think you seriously need a second opinion and from-scratch workup by someone who is prominent in the neurological face pain community. In the UK that might be Dr, Joanna Zakrewzca in London. There are other neurological pain centers listed in our "Find a Doctor" page from the menu above.

Regards, Red