Suggestions for diagnosis?!

I could really use a couple of suggestions or thoughts regarding some facial tingling I’ve been having since April.

For about a year and a half I’ve been having intermittent headaches. I’ll get them for like 2-3 weeks straight, and they go away. They’re not debilitating, but they are painful.

March 2017- bad headaches for a week and a dizzy spell while teaching in Haiti
April 2017- I began to get this facial tingling. It’s not painful (except when accompanied by headaches). It feels like someone’s rubbing a feather across my nose, cheeks, and top of skull. It doesn’t hurt though. I had several episodes of feeling “out of body” with the tingling.
Mid-April - Headaches go away but tingling continues. Doctor prescribes zoloft for anxiety
May- Tingling continues. Brain MRI clear. Cervical spine MRI shows some degeneration and disk bulging in C4-8. Neurologist thins maybe the neck issues are causing the tingling, but not clear.
June- EEG and the dizzy test both come back normal. Blood test shows recent lyme infection – mind you I don’t remember being bit by a tick and I live in a city, but alas, it’s possible. I start doxycycline. The facial tingling subsides a bit. I stop doxy after 2 weeks and the tingling continues

My doctor wants me to monitor the tingling for a couple more weeks, but it’s been since April, and it’s driving me nuts.

Any thoughts or suggestions for how I should be advocating myself or what I should be doing that I haven’t?

Have you been to a tropical diseases clinic?This seems to have started in Haiti-or the symptoms started soon after.

I hadn’t because the headaches started before Haiti—but the facial tingling did begin after Haiti…and I always associated the two symptoms as being one in the same, but perhaps I should look at them differently.

It might be worth a check-esp.since you tested positive for Lyme.Maybe there is a mimicker in Haiti?
I am just a site user-so maybe others will have different suggestions.
Wishing you wellness.

Hi,just another opinion,as I have TN2 which is atypical trigeminal.That is exactly how mine began.I saw different doctors over a couple of years,meds ,test no real diagnosis,then severe teeth & jaw pain thought it was TMJ saw dentist twice ,he said he thought it was a neurological problem.I couldn’t get appt. so saw my GP,no diagnoses .I got much worse stabbing pain in ear couldn’t talk or eat without severe pain.I was driving I got a bad stabbing pain in neck, side of face ,tongue went numb.I went to hospital this was 6 months ago after 1 year of those symptoms had all tests was diagnosed with atypical didn’t believe the diagnosis doctor said if this drug works it proves to you this is what you have.I was put on carbamazepine in about 2 weeks most of the pain was gone.It was like a miracle.after the dose was upped high enough to be pain free, dizzy spells were all day long .so off the drug for now.hope this might help you to get a diagnosis & some relief.

Maybe if not the right thing for your headaches/migraines but I finally after suffering with migraine from within a hour after I woke up until about an hour after I went to sleep - my doctor (not her field) reached out to several other doctors, Indomecina (sp?) was suggested. Within 2 days if even, it was the one miracle medication. Migraines were Gone, never to return. I do suffer from chronic inflammation (blood vessels) so maybe that was the reason the med. looked close to immediately in my case at least.