Successful Vascular Decompression

Sorry for not contributing for over a year. This is to let you know that i underwent surgery - vascular decompression on 1 June 2013. The operation took 4 hours. The neurosurgeon was Danny Rawluk who is based at The Hermitage Clinic, Dublin, though the operation took place at The Blackrock Clinic. More than a year later I can say it was very successful - I have not had even a twinge of pain since and I can recommend this surgical procedure. The total cost was €10,000 or so ($13,500), mostly for the 6 days in The Blackrock Clinic - the surgeon's fee was €1800 only. My health insurer - VHI - paid for it. Will be happy to answer any questions - I have no problem in recommending vascular decompression to anyone suffering from TN. Ian

I'm so pleased for you. Great news.

So glad to hear this. I would love to hear more success stories.