Study on COQ10 and TN. Worked Miracle for ME!

Happy New Year 2020. I was told about a New Zealand small study of the supplement COQ10 and TN and it had promising results with TN patients and it has worked great for me. I was taking almost maximum Tegritol but still was having random spikes of pain. But I started taking 300 mg COQ10 a day and for 30 days now have been pain free. I have cut my Tegritol in half and working down slowly to see what is going to work for me. I take the Costco Kirkland brand which in the United States you can get on Amazon. COQ10 is a common supplement. I am very excited about this and would love for others to try it and report back on this link!! I have tried probably 30 different things to try to reduce the pain to varying results over the past 7 years. But this worked like a charm and within 24 hours for me. Now the study just reported reduction in pain not the number of sensations. And I think the study was for 6 weeks so give it time to work. And my TN was MS related so I was wondering if the COQ10 would work at all. Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi MS, So glad to hear that you were able to solve your TN problem with such a simple and easy solution! Hopefully that continues to work well for you and you can get off the drugs. I tried coq10, but I can’t take it because it gives me terrible insomnia. But I will try harder to get more organ meats in my diet–beef heart and chicken heart are both very good natural sources.

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Thank you for sharing! It is a powerful shot of hope whenever someone shares something that has worked.


Thanks Sean1. I think just keep trying stuff. Different things have worked to varying degrees of success for me. This has been my best consistent find. Yes I am still taking quite a bit of Tegretol but it is half of what I was taking. I guess it gives me a sense of agency to keep trying… like I am doing the best with what I have. It could get frustrating to some I am sure to get their hopes up and then dashed. This was a small clinical study with positive results for many of the TN patients so I think it worth a college try. Let me know if you try it and your results. We want to know the good with the bad. Thanks again for your response.

I started it today. Having lots of pain right now with this horrible winter. Will you keep me posted on how it works for you from now on? Thanks Jeanie


So far Jeanie123 less pain for sure since taking the CoQ10. I am feeling some twinges in the late evening but so far no real pain. The twinges still scare me for sure. That is agrees pretty much with the study! I found a clip of the study.

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Thank you so much for this information! Can you please tell me if you have the kind of TN that is intermittent severe shocks, or is it the type with constant burning or boring pain (which is the type I have). Hope you continue to have relief.

Hi Hollywood_Girl, I have a little bit of both at different times. Lately for me it has been the shock kind of symptoms but I think the CoQ10 study was done on TN patients that were using Tegretol to alleviate their pain. I tried to read the study but quickly got weighed down by the medical language. Since taking the CoQ10 I am experiencing more tingling and not the shocks. So I think the CoQ10 should work for both types shocks and deep constant pain for TN sufferers.

This is interesting my meds are all wrong I have to tegrol did not work I take lyrica 100 mg 2 x a day not sure it helps my nuero dr gives me mexolim not sur spelling pain med they took hydrocoedene away stupid people abused it and now we elderly have no pain med