Strange tingling feeling on head

Lately I have been experiencing a very uncomfortable tingling feeling on my scalp. It’s like I can feel every hair on my head. The slightest breeze makes me so uncomfortable. I have begun wearing a winter hat even in my house as the air conditioning is also making me feel awful. Has anyone else experienced this? I take Toprimate currently. I was taking Tegretol but needed to stop as I was having a skin reaction. The sensation starts on my head and then makes it way down to my face where my main trigger point is. This is a new thing and it is very annoying. Anyone have this occur? Does it go away??

Scalp pain is one of my most debilitating issues. I’ve been wearing a hat or headband or or some kind of headgear for almost four years.

There is something called “conversion” where the scalp becomes affected by TN.

In my case it seems to be outright neuropathy. I’ve had Botox but it didn’t help. However, in others it does.

Please make sure your neurologist knows about your scalp pain and does something to address it.

Thank you for your response. I really was not sure if this was something new or related. If your comfortable sharing were there any treatments that helped outside of the typical neuro meds? I have been putting ice on my head but find it seems to feel only slightly better and then I just notice the feeling even more when the ice wears off.

Keeping my head as close to body temperature and wrapped up is the best for me. I take the usual TN meds: gabapentin, baclofen, and tramacet about 12:30 each day. Ice or heat is triggering for me.

Keep track of all triggers and times of day it is worse or better.

Best wishes with this.

Thank you for you reply. I stopped the ice as I was getting rebound pain that was worse. I have landed with a head wrap. So far this seems to be helping a little.

My best to you