Strange spasms

Hi all, just an enquiry. I’m getting this strange spams and twitching in my face , left side, lower, same as TN. I’m getting it with about a week, getting worse. Absolutely no pain. Just sensations of spasm or twitch. Also getting a ringing of deafness on and off in the left ear. I am currently pain free an have been for a little while thankfully. I’m just wondering if this could be a warming sign?

Many thanks

I have the spasms and twitches in my left cheek during times that I'm not in severe pain. I think it's from nerve damage done during the episodes. The muscle in my upper cheek just squeezes away and triggers all throughout the day. I can sit and feel it and it seems like somethings in there moving around. Doesn't hurt thank goodness, but can't be good. I was going to ask my doctor about it on next visit to see if it's permanent damage.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll be saying it to my own doc as well as it doesn’t seem to be letting up. I should be glad there is no pain with it, it just worries me that it’s twitching and spams where my TN is worst

I have ATN and i also have switches and spasms, sometimes i can feel the muscles pulsating if i put my hand on my cheek. It is not painful and so i dont care much about it. Also it is in no way correlated with the pain, so i dont associate it with an oncoming painful episode or anything like that. As the other poster said, i think its just from the nerve damage.