Still in pain after mvd surgery

hi, i had my surgery 2 and a half weeks. i am still in constant severe pain. sometimes it feels like it is worse after the surgery. has anyone had this happen to them? i would say by now that the surgery did not work. can anyone give me feedback on this. thanks for all your support and your prayers. thanks michelle

I cannot compare notes, but I can say I am sorry to read this Michelle.

Awwww - Have you joined the MVD group? I found more help by posting here and posting there.

Is your doctor aware of this? Surgeon? Neurologist? GP?

Keep Posting!

Are you still having the TN pain or are you having different post op pain?

i am having tn pain.

When I had mine my surgeon did tell me that it would be possible to still have TN pain for a few weeks after the surgery. It sounds like you are having a hard time though, you should probably check in with your neurosurgeon just to make sure what is going on is normal. Good luck!

Sorry to hear this. My MVD was Saturday. Woke up with no TN pain but I'm still pretty uncomfortable from surgery. Did they find a compression on your nerve?

yeah they did find a compression on my nerve

I had my mvd 10 days ago and questioned the success of the surgery as well. I’m just staring to feel functional despite the muffled hearing and still require lost of rest. The worst is in the middle of the night when the meds wear off and I’m awakened by excruciating pain in the back of my head but the TN pain is better.

I had what they called rebound pain since I didn’t know to wean off the Trileptal. They gave me a med pack of prednisone ( didn’t really help). Them added Baclofen & was back on Trileptal for awhile. Then weaned off the meds & was good .Periodically had to go back on meds & the surgeon said it was flare ups.
Sorry to say 3 1/2 years later I am a failed statistic but was nice when it worked. Hope you are a good statistic! yeah I also had the muffled hearing for awhile but cleared up. Good luck & keep positive thoughts!

The muffled hearing is annoying but it does get better as well as the neck pain. Unfortunately this is a painful surgery, there’s no two ways about it. The post op period also requires lots of patience. I know it sucks because you’ve just gone through what is literally the most excruciating pain a human being can experience, then the surgery is no walk in the park either and to still have pain is very defeating. I really do understand. Just stay with your pain meds, continue your TN meds and keep your doctors informed of your progress. Most TN meds you can’t stop cold turkey unless otherwise instructed by your doctor so please make sure you follow their instructions to the letter. Keep us posted