Still confused on what to do

wondering if i should seriously think of getting mvd...on my last mri it showed compressions on both sides yet ive never really had any shocking pain except for in my tooth which was the worst tooth in my mouth i had been told it needed a root canal for 10 yrs. a root canal that failed and had to end up getting it pulled out. my story goes on from there with more dental work before i finally get diagnosed but im still so confused and scared. before they even found the compressions the neurosurgeon said it didn't sound like Tn and the last doctor i saw a neurologist said it didn't sound like tn because i have no triggers i can eat talk brush my teeth fine...all my teeth ache and i have pulling feeling on my worst side but i don't feel it when i'm eating ..he told me i have atypial facial pain which i know is a bs answer and i've been on anti depressents for almost a week i don't really feel a change except my face feels tighter all i can do is obsess about this i need someone with a clearer head then mine ...maybe i should check into pain management i just don't see how i'm guna manage my pain when i dont know whats going on maybe i'm just in denial still

Hi Amanda,

Was nice talking to you yesterday. Generally anti- depressants take a few weeks to kick in. In my case it helped a LOT!

Not so much pain wise but I was able to 'set aside' the pain and start enyoing other things again, slowly but surely. I hope it works the same for you. I recognize your pain very much. The pressure and especially the tightness. Like one side of your face is constantly cramped up. It's the weirdest feeling and most people just can't relate to it.

I know all you want is this thing to just GO AWAY!!! right now...I remember those days all too well. Unfortunately life does what it we all know. I'm jealous at you for at least one thing..that cute boxer of yours. take her for walkies n stuff..keep your condition up a bit and remember you are not alone with this.



Give the antidepressants time, Steve is right, they do take a few weeks to really become effective. If you're on the fence about an MVD then my suggestion would be to wait. It's brain surgery, it's not something you want to waffle back and forth with. You'll know when you're 100% ready--if that ever happens, it doesn't always for everyone. It sounds like your pain isn't so bad that you're begging for surgery, and I hope it never gets to that point. With my own experience I needed to go through a couple of consultations with neurosurgeons, one was awful, the second was fantastic and made me feel like I'm not crazy, I do have a physical problem causing this pain and he can fix it before I felt that going through with the MVD was the right decision for me. Just give the meds a fair chance to do their thing and remember, we all have crappy days with this diagnosis, some times you just have to chalk it up to one of those and try to make the next day better. Good luck!

Hi, I agree with Mojo and Stevie!
Give yourself time, do as much research as you can about TN as well as all the meds, procedures etc available.
All meds take time unfortunately, it’s trial and error…but you have to use your best judgement with them.
The year I was diagnosed, my TN lasted 8-9 months 6 of those months I was increasing the dose little by little with my Neuro. I had many days with no pain…in any event after 6-8 weeks pain free, I started weaning off my med with the neuro’s advice, I had an 8 year remission!
Anything can happen!
My TN came back and again was managed well with meds, until this year…that’s when I started researching ALL the options.
I would much rather be on my meds if they still worked to be honest then be deciding on brain surgery, but that’s me.
Who knows you could experience a remission tomorrow!!!
Keep the hope alive and read as much as you can, (( hugs )) Mimi